I was in third grade when I developed a habit of reading non-stop.  For years I have been reading… and reading… and reading some more until my habit has grown to an obsession.  My topic interests have varied weekly, from undersea plant species to ancient Rome to nineteenth century Russia.  Despite their variety, however, I have carried each book and poem and article with me since Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech.

Now, imagine my surprise when I realized not everyone has a book obsession.

I felt as though I’d really come from Mars and been sent to Earth to educate y’all on the divine brilliance of literature.  And so I have made it my personal mission to get someone, somewhere, to fall in love with reading the way I have.  No matter what the genre or how old the text is, I think it is important for people to analyze the points of view of others, and the best way to do so in my opinion is by exposing yourself to the writings of the past, present, and outside.

By growing your love for reading, I also hope you find a passion for learning.  So often are amazing works oversighted because we don’t read into them, and we don’t take our time to really think about the implications of a text.  Together, I think we can learn to enjoy educating ourselves; we can gain the knowledge of infinite worlds without a classroom.

So if you have always wanted an obsession, and you’re willing to take advice on studying, motivation, and how to grow your love for learning from a well-meaning soul, buckle up.  I get a feeling we’re in this for the long run.


Brainiac Blonde