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This is the second part of my CAS series (!!!!) to help inspire you guys with some ideas and a little bit of reflection over what I have done or have thought about doing for CAS. As you likely know if you are in the IB Diploma program, or if you have read my first post in this series, the ‘A’ in CAS stands for activity. As in physical activity.

I played sports when I was younger, and specifically I was in club soccer for about eight years. I still enjoy a pickup game every once in a while, but I am definitely in no shape to play competitively anymore! If you do play a sport at school, recreationally, or with a club, you should definitely include that as part of your CAS experience. There is no reason to stress yourself out about doing more physical activity if you are already physically active; just make sure to write meaningful reflections about your sport and why you continue to play it or what it means to you.

In any case, let’s get into the list!

Run/Walk: I know this is probably the last thing you want to hear, but running is quite possibly the most accessible physical activity to you. You can literally run anywhere- on a treadmill, around your backyard, through your neighborhood, etc. Just make sure if you are out running that you wear reflective clothing at night and always run safely! Don’t get hit by cars and always watch all around you.

Dance: I am by no means a dancer, but I’ll admit there’s a song that comes on every once in a while that really makes me want to get up and jump around. But I am a strong believer that for this section of CAS, you should do something that is comfortable and fun for you! If you love to dance, dance!

Sign up for a community recreational sport: These typically come up around the start of a season and they are a great way for you and a few of your friends to get involved with your community while being active! You can typically find these rec teams on the website for your town or neighborhood.

Train for a Fun Run: Now this one is a little different than running because it is a one-time event, so you just have the 5k, 10k, etc. However, I would strongly suggest training for these, and remember that most all of them will require you to pay a registration fee. However, they have some really crazy events to make it more interesting, like throwing colors at you (Color Run) or blowing huge bubbles around you (Bubble Run).

Go to a Trampoline Park: If you have never been, a trampoline park is basically an indoor free-for-all. There are a bunch of connected trampolines and then typically they will have a foam pit or other small obstacles. It is super fun and a really different route for physical activity!

Join a Gym: If you can afford it, it may be beneficial to you to join a gym. I personally have not done this (because money is tight and cannot motivate me enough to get out of the house) but others find going to a location where others are being physically active motivates them to partake in more physical activities or try new workouts.

Swim: If you do not have a swimming pool at your home or school, then you might be able to find a pool at a community center or gym that you can swim in. Swimming is great exercise because it is fairly low impact, so if you have bone or joint issues, it may be a good fit for you. Always consult your doctor is you have these issues though, as they should know best what is healthy for you as an individual.

Try Yoga: It has been popularized a lot in the last few years, so depending on how you feel about it, you may be interested in trying yoga. You can go to classes at your gym or maybe your community center, or you can check out a book or start following a YouTuber who has follow-along routines.

YouTube Fitness: YouTube can be a great resource for activity ideas. There are a lot of people on YouTube that are really dedicated to fitness and they make some really cool workouts frequently. Just make sure to stay safe and always think of your health before completing a video.

There’s a ton of other options, but these are just a few that I have found that I thought were interesting or would be fun to do! I also made this list keeping in mind different comfort levels with activity in public versus at home. Everyone has their own feelings about gyms or being in front of people when they work out; some do not mind, but others are self-conscious. There’s no rule with IB saying you have to do anything specific for any part of your CAS portfolio; do what you are comfortable with, and keep track of your physical activity so you can reach your goals!


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